Stubborn Fat

Proper diet and exercise can go a long way towards getting the body shape you want. However, there are often some areas where your body will not cooperate. Body fat can collect in areas like the hips (love handles), back, thighs, and arms, and it may seem like no amount of weight loss can help you drop this fat. At Cohen Medical Practice, we encourage losing excess weight through proper diet and exercise. But for that stubborn fat that is not responding to your efforts, we have solutions.

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What Causes Stubborn Fat?

We all know that if you take in more calories than you burn, the excess is stored as fat. However, when it comes to releasing that stored fat, you are at the mercy of nature. It is impossible to spot reduce, and you may not always lose weight in the areas you are trying to reduce. If you’ve worked hard to get to a healthy weight and are still seeing flabby arms, thighs, or hips, this can be extremely frustrating.

Should I Be Concerned About Signs of Stubborn Fat?

If you are at a healthy weight, stubborn fat is usually nothing to worry about. It just means that your body is taking fat energy from other parts of your body, and leaving those problem areas alone. As frustrating as this is, it should pose no real health risk. That being said, unwanted fat can affect how you feel about your appearance and take an emotional toll, so if you have stubborn fat, we at Cohen Medical Practice would like to help.

How Do We Address Stubborn Fat?

At Cohen Medical Practice, we have a wonderful way of treating stubborn fat called FlexSure™ Body Contouring. We have a flexible applicator that we simply apply to the problem area. We use this applicator to deliver radiofrequency heat to the area, which disrupts fat cells and allows your body to flush them away safely. This is a safe procedure and only creates a heating sensation as it works. It is designed to destroy fat cells and encourage skin tightening without harming the skin. After the recommended number of treatments, you should experience a noticeable reduction in stubborn fat in the target area.

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Stubborn Fat Treatments in Manhattan and Queens with Cohen Medical

We offer FlexSure™ Body Contouring at our Columbus Circle and Madison Avenue locations in Manhattan and our Rego Park office in Queens. We treat all skin types and women of all backgrounds, with a staff that can discuss your needs in English, Spanish, Russian, or Korean. To schedule a consultation, click the button below or call us right now at (347)-545-2520.

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