Premenstrual Syndrome

It is estimated that about three out of four women experience premenstrual syndrome. This issue often presents itself in the form of anxiety, tension, changes in appetite, headaches, and other symptoms. If you experience these or other signs of PMS, there isn’t necessarily anything to worry about. However, if you are especially uncomfortable and unhappy, our NYC team may be able to help. At Cohen Medical Practice, we offer fertility services along with prescriptions for hormonal contraceptives that may give you the relief you seek. If you are struggling and need help, we also provide 24/7 hotline services to give you the immediate attention you deserve.

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What Causes Premenstrual Syndrome?

The exact causes of premenstrual syndrome are not entirely known. However, hormonal fluctuations, chemical changes in the brain, and certain psychological issues like depression have been shown to play a contributing role.

While PMS may not pose significant risks, it can still feel very uncomfortable, especially if you experience physical issues like headaches, appetite loss, and acne fare-ups. Thankfully, there are options for addressing all of these issues and more.

Is Premenstrual Syndrome Dangerous?

PMS is not dangerous and does not cause long-term issues after the initial symptoms get better. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a more severe version of PMS that may occur 1-2 weeks before a period starts.

Unlike premenstrual syndrome, PMDD can cause more severe symptoms and can be much more difficult to deal with. If you are struggling with either of the issues, we can provide you with the advice and treatment options you need to better manage your health.

What Are the Available Treatments?

At Cohen Medical Practice, we offer fertility services including counseling to help deal with PMS and PMDD. When you arrive at one of our NYC locations, we will take the time to discuss your symptoms and determine the best options to help you feel more comfortable.

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Treating Premenstrual Syndrome in Columbus Circle, NYC

PMS can feel extremely uncomfortable, especially when physical symptoms come into play. Our staff at Cohen Medical Practice offers same-day appointments at all three of our New York City locations to give you the prompt attention you deserve. Book an appointment by calling (347) 545-2520 or clicking the button below to get in touch with our team in Columbus Circle, on Madison Avenue, or at Rego Park in Queens. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and Russian.

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