Cervical Cancer Detection

The likelihood of developing potentially serious cervical problems increases as a woman reaches adulthood. In particular, regular cancer screenings should be conducted after the age of 21. Past this point, cervical cancer may become much more likely than before. At Cohen Medical Practice, we offer cervical cancer detection and treatment services in the form of several colposcopy diagnostic options. Our detection methods can be combined with biopsies and excisions to ensure that any abnormalities are addressed right away.

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What Causes Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer occurs when healthy cells in the cervix change due to mutations in their DNA. While healthy cells grow and multiply at a set rate, eventually dying at a set time, mutated cells grow and multiply out of control and don’t die. The accumulation of these cells leads to the growth of tumors that then spread (metastasize) elsewhere in the body. The exact causes of cervical cancer aren’t clear, but HPV has been shown to play a role. HPV is very common, and most people with the virus never develop cancer. Therefore, it is likely that this illness, along with lifestyle choices, contributes to the development of cancer.

How Important is Early Cervical Cancer Detection?

Early cervical cancer detection can help identify and treat abnormal cells before they have had the chance to metastasize. Once cancer has spread, treatment options become much more limited and a positive prognosis is less likely. At Cohen Medical Practice, we offer several detection options to identify cellular abnormalities and provide treatment before it’s too late.

What Are Some Cervical Cancer Detection Options?

Along with annual exams, which include PAP smears, we offer several diagnostic options to help detect the presence of abnormalities in your cervix. Our treatment options are designed to give you the answers you need without extensive downtime. In most cases, tissue samples can be extracted for biopsies without causing you much discomfort. Some of the procedures we provide include:

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Cervical Cancer Detection in Manhattan and Queens

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