Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

The most unfortunate aspect of having sexually transmitted diseases is that they may sometimes be asymptomatic. This is especially dangerous because it means that STDs can be transmitted without the carrier even being aware of it. While some of these diseases cannot be cured entirely, others can be treated or otherwise managed through ongoing care. At Cohen Medical Practice, we provide birth control and STD counseling services for those struggling with these conditions. Staying safe by taking the proper precautions is essential for not only your health, but your partners’ health as well.

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What Causes Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

As the name implies, sexually transmitted diseases are primarily caused by sexual contact. These diseases can be broken up into three categories, bacterial, parasitical, and viral. Bacterial and parasitical infections like gonorrhea can typically be treated with antibiotic medication.

Viruses like human papillomavirus and HIV require prolonged treatment and management. Along with these examples, some STDs like hepatitis can be transmitted without sexual activity.

How Serious Are STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases can pose lifelong complications. Illnesses like HIV and AIDs, can leave you severely immunocompromised while diseases like syphilis can progress and become life threatening. In any case, it is important to take STDs seriously and get tested regularly if you are sexually active. Most STD tests involve a simple blood draw or urine sample and can be performed in a matter of minutes.

What Are the Available Treatment Options?

Birth control services and STD counseling are the primary options we can provide for addressing STDs. Additionally, we can offer testing to determine what, if any, STD you may be suffering from. Once we’ve identified your issue, we can offer ongoing counseling and support to help you manage your condition effectively.

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Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Columbus Circle, NYC

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