Vaginal Laxity

If you have had multiple children, your vaginal area may not look or feel as tight and youthful as it did before, especially as you age. Vaginal laxity can come with a number of negative effects, including loss of confidence, lack of sexual satisfaction, and even incontinence. Kegel exercises can help, but for true vaginal rejuvenation, we recommend that you come to see us at Cohen Medical Practice for a consultation.

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What Are The Causes?

We all understand that childbirth stretches the vaginal area. The skin in this area is resilient, especially when you are young, and usually snaps back into place. But after multiple children, the skin may not respond as quickly. This is especially true after age 30 when your body produces less collagen, which is the critical substance for reducing vaginal laxity.

What Are the Consequences of Vaginal Laxity?

Although there are no great health risks generally associated with laxity, you may experience incontinence, which can be quite distressing. You may also experience reduced sexual sensation or loss of confidence regarding the appearance of the area. Fortunately, at Cohen Medical Practice, we have ways to significantly reduce laxity and alleviate many of these symptoms.

How Do We Address Vaginal Laxity?

We have a variety of treatments available for strengthening and tightening the vaginal area without surgery or painful invasive procedures. These treatments can improve the function and appearance of your vaginal area without excessive discomfort or downtime.

At your consultation, we will discuss options such as:

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