Sagging Skin

One of the most obvious and unpleasant signs of aging is sagging skin. When we’re younger, our skin is nice and tight, and always seems to pop right back into place no matter how much we contort our muscles. The older we get, though, the less resilient our skin seems to be, and sooner or later we are noticing wrinkles and sags in all the wrong places. We’re happy to report that at Cohen Medical Practice, we have serious ideas on how to tighten skin to help restore a more youthful look.

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What Causes Sagging Skin?

Substances beneath your skin known as collagen and elastin do the work of keeping your skin in place. It is these materials that give your skin its flexibility, so you can smile, frown or twist your skin in different ways and the collagen and elastin will make sure it goes right back to where it’s supposed to be. But after age 30, the production of these substances starts to drop, and it gets worse every year. When this happens, your skin’s ability to be resilient declines.

What Are the Signs of Sagging Skin?

This decline brings with it the tell-tale signs of sagging skin, wrinkles. These wrinkles usually start to appear around the eyes, where the skin is stretched frequently by blinking and squinting. Other areas of the face and neck soon follow. Loose skin and wrinkles can make you appear much older than you really feel.

How Do We Treat Sagging Skin?

We recommend a regular skin care routine and keeping your skin out of the sun, as sun exposure can greatly accelerate aging skin issues. While this won’t eliminate loose skin, it can slow and minimize its effects. For actual skin tightening, we use our TempSure® system. TempSure is a radiofrequency delivery system that allows us to deliver a precise wavelength and amount of heat to areas where you would like to tighten loose skin. This treatment can encourage collagen production and stimulate skin tightening without damaging the surrounding skin. We have TempSure® treatments for both the face and the body.

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Treatments for Sagging Skin in Rego Park, Queens, and NYC

At Cohen Medical Practice, we can quickly and painlessly stimulate your skin to encourage skin tightening. Whether you are trying to tighten skin after rapid weight loss, looking to counteract the effects of aging, or interested in tightening areas of loose skin at any age or weight, contact Cohen Medical Practice for a consultation. We treat all skin types and have staff that can discuss your concerns in English, Russian, Spanish, or Korean. Schedule an appointment at our Columbus Circle, Madison Avenue, or Rego Park offices by clicking below to book online or calling (347)-545-2520 today.

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