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When weighing birth control options, it’s important to consider the state of your health and your ultimate fertility goals. Certain contraceptives can cause dramatic hormonal changes that can take their toll on your emotional health. At Cohen Medical Practice, we can provide you and your partner with a thorough examination while exploring your birth control options. Book your appointment at one of our three NYC locations to discover the best option for you.

What Are The Available Options at Cohen Medical?

As an expert in IUD implants and removals, Dr. Cohen can provide you with several IUD options based on your health and preferences. While these options are all long-lasting, they can have different impacts on different people. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your specific needs before proceeding with a birth control option.

  • LILETTA® – This 6-year hormonal IUD features a 52mg levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system that causes less bleeding and less pain than most other options.
  • Paragard® IUD – This 10-year IUD is a hormone-free option that comes in the form of a small intrauterine copper rod.
  • Mirena® – This levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine option measures 52mg and comes in the form of a plastic t-shaped piece. Mirena® lasts for 3-6 years.
  • NEXPLANON® – This is a 68mg etonogestrel option that comes in the form of a small rod and lasts for roughly four years.

Can IUD Birth Control Prevent STDs?

While certain contraceptives like condoms can effectively prevent the spread of STDs, the IUD options offered at Cohen Medical Practice cannot. If you or your partner is suffering from an STD, we may be able to provide treatment or otherwise offer our advice on how to stay safe.

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How Does Birth Control Work?

Both our copper and hormonal IUD options prevent pregnancy by altering the way sperm cells move, preventing them from reaching the egg and fertilizing it. Copper IUDs such as Paragard® release a small amount of copper which is toxic to sperm while hormone IUDs like Mirena® rely on the release of progestin, which thickens cervical mucus and blocks sperm. Both options are safe for most people, but one may be a better choice than the other considering the state of your health.

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

When you arrive at one of our NYC locations, we will take the time to discuss your fertility goals and determine the best birth control method for you. Sometimes, condoms or other alternatives may be a better choice than an IUD. In order to make that determination, we much get a thorough understanding of your health and goals.

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Birth Control Consultation in Columbus Circle, NYC

At Cohen Medical Practice, we offer same-day appointments at all three of our New York City locations. If you’re interested in birth control and want to find the best option for you, book an appointment by calling (347) 545-2520 or clicking the button below to get in touch with our team in Columbus Circle, on Madison Avenue, or at Rego Park in Queens. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and Russian.

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