Abnormal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is an ordinary issue that women experience on a monthly basis. Having your period is typically not a cause for concern. However, when your bleeding is irregular, especially heavy, or when it occurs outside of your cycle, it is worth investigating. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding may signal multiple issues including hormonal imbalances, growths in the uterus, or other medical concerns. If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding, our dedicated staff at Cohen Medical Practice can help. We specialize in women’s health concerns and strive to administer each test and diagnostic procedure in a comfortable and safe environment, every time.

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What Causes Abnormal Bleeding?

Vaginal bleeding causes can range from minor issues to serious complications. Some of the most common reasons for abnormal bleeding include fibroids, polyps, and hormonal imbalances caused by the onset of menopause. Certain sexually transmitted diseases may also play a role in anovulatory bleeding. In order to get a clear image of your specific situation, we must perform diagnostic tests and evaluate your medical history.

Is This a Major Concern?

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding is temporary in most cases. Once we’ve identified the main cause, we can provide a range of treatment options to stop the bleeding and help you feel better again. Sometimes, however, abnormal bleeding can lead to anemia or heavy blood loss. In those cases, we may also need to supplement your treatment with mineral and vitamin infusions or perform a blood transfusion.

How Do We Address Abnormal Bleeding?

At Cohen Medical Practice, we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of the latest treatment services. Our dedicated staff features a diverse group of medical professionals each with their own unique specialty. If you’re experiencing anovulatory bleeding, we can provide you with the testing and treatment options you need to get your issue under control. Our options include:

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Abnormal Bleeding Treatment in Columbus Circle, NYC

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