Ultrasound & Saline Sonography

Whether you’re expecting a baby or experiencing unusual pelvic pain, getting a diagnostic assessment can provide you with a clear image of what your body is going through. An ultrasound is a simple procedure that relies on sound waves to examine the inside of your uterus and reproductive organs. Saline sonography offers more enhanced diagnostic possibilities by allowing us to examine your uterine cavity with greater clarity. If you’re interested in a pregnancy evaluation or want more insight into your uterine health, we’re ready to help.

What Is an Ultrasound & Saline Sonography?

An ultrasound is a special procedure that uses sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of a woman’s uterus. This same method can be used to help diagnose unexplained vaginal bleeding, pain, and other abnormal symptoms. A saline sonography can be performed to get more information if necessary. During this procedure, a small tube inserted into the vagina, and a small amount of sterile saline is injected into the cavity of the uterus allowing for the study of its lining via an ultrasound transducer.

What Can This Procedure Reveal?

Unlike other tests such as X-rays, ultrasound procedures do not rely on ionizing radiation. Frequent exposure to radiation can cause a slew of health problems. Sound waves, however, are not harmful and can reveal not only the status of a baby but the appearance of abnormalities as well. At Cohen Medical Practice, we utilize these diagnostic tests to identify the location and size of fibroids, polyps, and more.

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What Does an Ultrasound & Saline Sonography Involve?

During the procedure, a transducer device that both sends sound waves and records the echoing waves will be pressed against your skin. It will send small pulses of inaudible, high-frequency sound waves into your body. As the sound waves bounce off your internal organs, fluids, and tissues, the sensitive receiver in the transducer will record tiny changes in the sound’s pitch and direction. These recordings will translate into real-time imagery on a monitor. Saline sonography is similar, but will involve the injection of saline, a process that may cause some discomfort, but is generally painless.

What Can I Expect?

An ultrasound procedure is done without the use of an anesthetic and is non-invasive. During the process, you will be able to see your internal system in real-time on the monitor. As we evaluate the images together, we will explain what we’re looking at and determine if any action should be taken. Depending on your condition, we may schedule a follow-up appointment for treatment, support, or counseling should you need it.

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